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If you’re the type of person who’s always connected, the right swimming pool apps can help keep you connected to your pool’s safety and routine maintenance. For most of us, our phones have become our connection not only to the outside world, but to our own lives as they take over the functions of a personal assistant, calendar, and shopping mall, all while sitting in our pocket. Why not use it to make your swimming safer and help you keep your pool in great condition?

Using All Your Tools

When you’re a new pool owner, you have a sharp learning curve ahead. From considering how to protect your swimmers with pool safety fences and safety covers learning the proper way to clean and treat your pool so the water stays ready for swimming and how to handle emergencies when they occur, it’s a multidisciplinary learning experience. Swimming pool apps can be part of your learning experience.

Designed to engage users in intuitive ways that let them learn and use them effectively with little instruction, apps are perfect for our tech-savvy society. Some apps are meant to help you save lives, some are meant to help you save money. While there isn’t a perfect app for everyone, there are certainly more than enough swimming pool apps that everyone can find one to help them make the most of their backyard pool experience. We’ve picked seven apps that caught our eye and that we think would earn their place on your phone’s storage.

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The Apps

  • The Pool Calculator – THE POOL CALCULATOR (note the capitalization) is a great tool for doing your backyard pool chemistry. Input your pools dimensions, the readings you get from your chemical testing, and this app goes to work doing the math. Once it’s done, it tells you what to add and how much to keep your water crystal clear and safe to swim in. As far as swimming pool apps go, it’s really useful and it’s definitely not alone.

    There are dozens, if not hundreds, of apps based around helping you maintain your water properly. These include both free and paid apps that offer similar functionality, apps that help you schedule your maintenance days on a calendar to keep you on track, and even smart apps that use specialized testing systems to feed chemical information straight to your phone. Safe water is vital to safer swimming, and there are a lot of swimming pool apps to make sure you have it.

  • Pool Pal – At first glance, Pool Pal looks like just another calculator (I told you there were a lot). Along with some additional functionality, however, it also allows you to track and manage multiple pools. The convenience this offers for some pool owners ears it a separate spot on our list.

    Do you have both a pool and a hot tub? Maybe you manage your pool and regularly help your parents, friends, or adult children out with theirs. There are a lot of situations that lead to multi-pool management that don’t involve making it a career. This helps you make sure that the water is safe wherever you, your friends, or your family may swim regularly.

  • Swim – American Red Cross – When it comes to swimming safety, the American Red Cross is one of the leaders, so it’s to be expected that they have one of the premier swimming pool apps for safety. Built from over a century of experience in teaching swimming safety to kids and adults alike, it’s the perfect choice for helping the whole family learn to swim better.

    This app is packed with lessons, activities, and exercises to improve swimming skills. These not only provide for pool time fun, they make learning fun, and that is worth its weight in gold to any parent.

  • First Aid – American Red Cross – The American Red Cross gets two spots on the list because they know their stuff. From small scrapes to major wounds, their app has the information you need when accidents and emergencies happen. This free app draws on their long history of training people in CPR and first aid, making it one of the swimming pool apps that can help you be a hero and save lives.
  • Pool Measure Pro – A calculator of a different sort, Pool Measure Pro helps you accurately understand your pool’s dimensions when considering a pool safety cover. Pool safety covers help ensure that accidental drownings don’t happen when your pool isn’t supposed to be in use. They create a physical barrier that can keep children, pets, and adults that fall onto the pools surface from entering the water. While it gives you a good idea of the sizes you’re working with, when you speak with one of our safety experts, we’ll take our own measurements, talk to you about your options, and make sure you’re getting a cover that keeps your loved ones safer.
  • Adventures Of Splish & Splash – This app from the Consumer Product Safety Commission is part of their Pool Safely initiative. Designed to help educate and entertain kids with fun games based around pool safety, it’s a great way to establish your pool’s safety rules without getting in the water. Swimming pool apps that engage children in a way they’re used to consuming lessons and content have a better chance of teaching them information that is retained and acted upon.
  • Home Pool Safety App – You don’t have to be Austrailian to appreciate this app, but you do have to be an iPhone user. Designed to offer a comprehensive safety checklist for a safer backyard pool, it walks you through the process of securing your pool and verifying that your pool safety fence, safety covers, and rescue equipment are in good repair.

While these swimming pool apps are useful tools, remember that there’s no substitute for appropriate supervision. Children should only use the pool when adults are present, and even when adults are swimming, someone should serve as a lookout or lifeguard to make sure everyone is safer.

Prevent Drowning Incidents At Your Pool

Adding safety covers and fences is a great way to keep your family, friends, and pets safer when they’re around your pool. Fill out the contact form on our website or call us at (702) 254-8450 to set an appointment time for one of our safety experts to visit with you. They’ll take measurements, evaluate your pool area, and create a custom safety plan that secures your pool while preserving its beauty. Let AquaSafe Unlimited create a safer pool for you today.


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