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Learning to swim as an adult is often the farthest thing from peoples’ minds. After all, with busy adult schedules and activities, the pool may only be seen as a comfortable lounging and wading experience. Deciding to take swimming classes for adults, however, can be one of the most important safety decisions you make, whether you own your own pool or just visit one periodically. Every adult who may go near a pool should have a basic level of swimming skills and understand their limits in the water.

Swimming Instruction

Many adults teach themselves to swim “well enough”. Essentially, they’ve learned some basics of water mobility and feel confident that, should they fall into the pool, they can right themselves and make it to an edge. Learning to swim as an adult with trained instructors can sharpen these nascent skills and help them actually become effective swimmers. While there are plenty of adults who either can’t swim or can’t swim well, it can be difficult to get them to take formal swimming instruction.

For some, they worry about taking classes for a skill that is often taught to children. If you don’t know how to swim as an adult, however, you aren’t alone. Learning to swim as an adult can be rewarding and an important part of personal development. Many places that offer swim instruction have dedicated adult classes, which will allow you to learn with a similar age group in a supportive setting.

Others worry about the cost of swimming classes for adults in time and money. While it’s true there are always other bills to pay and other activities you could pursue, developing your swimming skills positions you for more than just added summer fun in the water. It can teach you valuable life-saving skills to help others and yourself in the event of a water mishap. In a cost-benefit analysis, learning to swim as an adult so you’re equipped to save a life trumps the investment of time and money every time.

Why Swimming Is A Great Skill To Pick Up

There are several reasons to make the decision to become a better swimmer today. From doing what’s right for you to create a safer community, there’s a great reason to find classes in your area.

  • For Improved Water Safety When Swimming Alone – While we always recommend swimming with a lifeguard or a partner, as adults, that may not always be practical. Becoming a better swimmer helps ensure that, when you are swimming alone, you are better able to safely navigate in the water.
  • For The Sake Of Those Around You – If you found yourself swimming with another adult or when kids are present, and someone experienced distress, would you be prepared to save them from potential drowning? The tragic truth is that people die each year from drowning when they jump in to save someone else. Learning to swim as an adult helps make sure you have the skills to support your bravery.
  • For The Sake Of Your Health – Swimming is fantastic exercise. It provides a full-body workout that gets your heart pumping and is low-impact. Whether you’re swimming laps in an Olympic-size pool, practicing water aerobics, or just having some fun and getting physical, the long-term benefits of regular exercise are well-known and cannot be overstated.
  • Learning To Swim As An Adult Builds Confidence – No one can give you better swimming skills. You have to earn them. When you take the time to admit that your abilities are lacking and you improve them, you’re building the mental toughness and confidence to set goals and achieve them. That is a skill that gives you the courage to act when it’s needed, whether you’re in the boardroom or saving someone during an emergency.

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How To Start Learning To Swim As An Adult

There are several great ways to get the instruction you need to be a better swimmer, but first you have to decide which learning style fits you best. Generally, you will need to decide between group or solo classes.

  • Solo classes are great for people who want to learn with one-on-one instruction, especially in the comfort of their own home pool. It gives you individualized swimming classes for adults tailored to your specific needs. If you’re taking lessons at a public pool, however, one-on-one instruction may not be available.
  • Group classes are perfect for those who want the moral support of a shared experience. Offered at most public pools either as a direct service from management or from contracted coaches, they’re the perfect way to network while learning to swim as an adult. Don’t worry about looking inexperienced, because everyone is there for the same reason, and there will be plenty of mistakes to draw attention away from yours.

Finding Swimming Lessons

To find a qualified instructor, start by visiting the local swimming pool and asking if they have a list of instructors available. They may have some select names, a bulletin board, or take your name and number to pass on to a known coach. You can also check your social media and online classified ad sites for classes, but be careful. Make sure they have qualifications, testimonials, or referrals, that way you know you are learning to swim as an adult from someone who is safe and experienced.

Creating A Safer Swimming Space

Swimming classes for adults is just one way to help prevent accidental drownings. Another is to make sure you have professionally installed safety pool covers and fences. Contact our specialists today for custom-designed pool safety strategies that create a safer space while preserving your pool area’s beauty by filling out our online form or giving us a call to schedule an appointment.

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