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Understanding whether automatic or manual covers are the best pool covers for safety can be difficult. You want to provide the best for your family, and a pool cover is a great way to make your pool area safer and help reduce the risk of accidental drowning. Understanding how you use your pool is the first step toward choosing the best swimming pool covers for your needs.

Automatic Covers

Automatic covers are some of the most sought-after swimming pool safety upgrades. A press of a button, flip of a switch, or turn of a key opens or closes your pool’s cover by engaging a powerful motor to move it along its track. These systems are easy to use and almost effortless in their operation while being recognized as some of the best pool covers for safety.

A 20X80 hydraulic pool cover.

Manual Covers

Manual covers installed by Aqua-Safe use the same high-quality fabric and universal tracks, but you open and close the pool cover yourself. On most models, opening the pool cover is accomplished by turning a hand crank, while closing the pool is accomplished by you and a partner grabbing ropes on the leading edge and pulling the cover across the pool. Some manual covers, however, can be fitted with a Power Wheel system that lets you use your arms and legs to open and close the pool.

What Makes the Best Pool Covers For Safety?

The best swimming pool covers are the ones that get used. Your best option is to choose the swimming pool covers that you can have professionally installed immediately, that will see consistent usage, and are designed to prevent accidental drownings. For many people, the automatic pool cover is the best choice.

Thanks to its ease of operation, automatic systems tend to see more consistent use. Especially if you will often be alone while operating the cover, you’ll want to invest in an automatic pool cover, as most manual covers require a second person to safely operate. Automatic covers offer a range of installation options, work well with our state-of-the-art laminated vinyl covers, and let you begin or end your swim time faster.

If Cost Is an Issue…

If a manual cover fits your budget better, however, it could be the better choice. Manual covers offer comparable security and quality, making them some of the best pool covers for safety. If you will have a second person available on a regular basis, or your pool allows installation of one of our Power Wheel mechanisms, they can be just as safe as automatic covers. In addition, manual pool covers can be converted to automatic covers at a later date using one of our Save-T® 3 (Big Red) motor systems. That way, you can get a safer pool area now and save for more convenience later.

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