Key Takeaways:

  • The Southern Nevada Amendments: Many southern Nevada municipalities follow The Southern Nevada Amendments to the 2018 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code (ISPSC), which sets out basic safety standards for private and public pools.
  • Safety Barriers: Safety barriers like pool fences and covers play a crucial role in preventing accidental drownings in unsupervised pools. These barriers comply with standards set forth in the 2018 ISPSC and the Southern Nevada Amendments.
  • Pool Safety Fences: According to the Southern Nevada Amendments, pools must be surrounded by fences that prevent access. Aqua-Safe offers fences of varying heights and fabric types to meet these regulations and ensure safety.
  • Gate Requirements: Gates in pool safety fences must be self-closing and equipped with a Magna Latch closure to prevent unauthorized entry. Aqua-Safe provides gate options designed to meet Nevada swimming pool fence laws.
  • Pool Safety Covers: While not mandatory, pool safety covers are recommended as an additional layer of protection. They comply with ASTM F1346 standards and provide a physical barrier to prevent access to the water, especially in cases where a pool fence is not feasible.
  • Enhanced Protection: Adding a pool safety cover to an existing fence increases safety measures and further protects family, pets, and guests. Aqua-Safe offers durable and easy-to-operate covers with automatic or manual closing mechanisms for added convenience and security.


Nevada swimming pool regulations are designed to help create a safer culture surrounding the popular backyard pools and spas that help us beat the blistering summer heat and frigid desert nights we see. At the heart of these regulations are the swimming pool fence laws in Nevada meant to prevent unsupervised and accidental access by children or impaired persons for whom pool access could be dangerous or possibly fatal. Accidental drowning injuries remain both prevalent and largely preventable. You can do your part by making sure you’re following the applicable codes that govern your pool area. You can also create a higher standard of protection to ensure your friends, family, and pets are safer.

The Southern Nevada Amendments To The 2018 ISPSC

Swimming pool regulations in Nevada’s southern municipalities are generally governed by The Southern Nevada Amendments To The 2018 International Swimming Pool And Spa Code. These are suggested amendments that have no force unless enacted by the municipalities, which many have done. It lays out basic safety standards for private and public pools. Please be aware that you should always refer directly to your city’s code department, your HOA contract, and your insurance carrier’s guidelines to make sure you are in compliance. This blog post is provided to give you a basic idea of what’s needed, not to serve as definitive legal advice.

The 2018 ISPSC was developed by a team of international builders and designers to promote safety in private and public pools and spas. The guidelines it sets out are meant to aid pool and spa owners in ensuring that while their water attraction remains fun and exciting, it also remains safer. Nevada swimming pool regulations have the same goal, so it made sense to adopt the 2018 ISPSC–with a few tweaks–as the baseline for residents and business owners alike.

While not the only regulations affected, Nevada swimming pool fence laws are front and center in promoting safer pools and spas. Safety barriers, such as safety swimming pool covers and safety pool fences are one of the best and most cost-effective options when it comes to preventing accidental drowning injuries in an unsupervised pool. Our covers and fences comply with the standards set forth in the 2018 ISPSC and the Southern Nevada Amendments that set the basis for Nevada swimming pool regulations in our area.

Safety Pool Fences

Under the Southern Nevada Amendments, your pool must be surrounded by a fence that prevents access. In most cases, a 48-inch tall fence, as measured on the side facing away from the pool, is sufficient. Some pools, however, may require a 60-inch height, both of which we carry, as well as a 54-inch high fabric. Per Nevada swimming pool regulations, this fabric is resistant to climbing, as the holes in the mesh are small enough to not exceed 1¾-inches. The horizontal cross supports are no more than an inch off the ground, and do not allow the fabric to be lifted greater than 4-inches, complying with guidelines meant to keep kids and pets from crawling under a weaker fence.

Our gates are self-closing and use a Magna Latch closure on the inside of the pool safety fence as specified by Nevada swimming pool fence laws. This self-latching mechanism uses magnets to secure the gate as it closes. Those inside the pool can still exit easily through the outward-opening gate, but to enter the pool through the latched gate, a key is used, (which should always be stored away from children’s access.) We offer two pole options. That way, for large pets or children, you can choose our premier poles which offer greater tensile strength and are anchored to resist heavier impacts and more enthusiastic attempts to push or climb the fence.

A swimming pool with a picturesque view protected by a pool safety fence

Pool Safety Covers

While Nevada swimming pool regulations don’t require a pool safety cover, they are an option under certain circumstances. When one side of your pool’s fence is a wall of your house with a door, there are several measures you can take to help ensure it doesn’t become an easy route to tragedy. One of those measures is to install a safety pool cover that is labeled as compliant with ASTM F1346. A similar lockable cover can also be used in lieu of a pool safety fence entirely, because it ensures that even if someone gains access, there is still a physical barrier that prevents accidental access to the water.

Even if you already have a fence installed that complies with Nevada swimming pool regulations, the addition of a pool safety cover is highly recommended. It’s just one more layer of protection to help keep your family, pets, and guests safer while in or near your pool area. Our covers are secured to strong rails anchored to either your deck or in a low-profile area under the edge of the pool. Available with both automatic and manual closing mechanisms, they’re easy to operate and offer a strong, durable barrier.

Evaluating Your Options

If you want to know more about making your pool safer, and compliant with Nevada swimming pool regulations, call for an appointment with one of our specialists today at (702) 254-8450. They’ll talk to you about your pool’s needs, take a look at the area you need to enclose, and offer you some options to help you create a safer pool area that still looks like a beautiful oasis for you to escape the summer heat in style. A safer pool doesn’t have to be an ugly pool.

Whether you want a pool safety fence or a safety pool cover, we’re proud to offer you a cost-effective peace of mind you can count on. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote and let Aqua-Safe Unlimited create a safer pool area for your friends, family, and pets.

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