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Getting a new pool is always exciting, but don’t forget to get the essentials for swimming fun and safety. By Making sure you have the right supplies and gear on hand from the start, you can make sure your pool is always ready for outdoor fun when you and your guests are. To start with, consider these swimming pool essentials.

Safety Essentials

  • Pool Safety Cover – Not to be confused with standard pool covers that are just meant to keep out debris like dried leaves, a safety cover is meant to keep drownings out of your pool. Safety covers help ensure that if a pet, child, or adult were to accidentally fall into your pool, they do not end up submerged and in life-threatening danger.
    Available in both automatic and manual cover systems, safety covers should be one of your swimming pool essentials. Anchored to a track system, a safety cover slides closed when your pool is not in use. Made from specialized fabric to resist tearing and damage, safety covers provide a physical barrier to help prevent drowning and near-drowning incidents.
  • Pool Safety FenceSafety fences serve as another barrier against accidental injury. Removable pool fences can be set up when needed or left up year-round. Meshes are available that are suitable for preventing adults, children, or pets from having unfettered access to the pool when you aren’t around.
    Our safety fences are lightweight and strong. The original pool fence is perfect for pool areas that are often supervised and used mostly by adults or competent swimmers, while our stronger premier pool safety fence is great for pets, curious children, and when additional strength is needed.
  • Lifeguard Equipment – From floatation devices to hooks, make sure you have the equipment on hand to save a life if needed. This includes devices like lifesavers meant to prevent drowning and first aid gear to help you in the case of accidental injury. Also, consider becoming CPR and First Aid certified so you know what to do in the case of an emergency. This certification will teach you the techniques needed in case of a cut, sudden cardiac event, or accidental drowning, and is a great idea for all members of the family who are old enough to attend. The life you save could be your own.

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Good Clean Fun

  • Chemical Kits – One of the big essentials for swimming safely is making sure the water is properly maintained. You’ll need a full complement of water test strips to help you understand the delicate chemical balance in your swimming pool and the chemicals to correct issues you may find. This can include shocks, buffers, and other chemicals meant to keep your cool, refreshing pol safe to use.
  • Algae Brush – One of the often overlooked swimming pool essentials, a good algae brush leaves your guests green with envy, not with algae. Manual scrubbing is the best way to scour it from your pool, so make sure you’ve got your brush ready to go.
  • Manual Vacuum – Keeping your pool clean may seem like a never-ending task, but with the right tools, it’s easier to manage. A manual vacuum lets you better manage the detritus that ends up in your pool without overtaxing your built-in filtration system.
  • Telescoping Pole – A telescoping pole is essential for swimming pool maintenance when you want to make your pool life easier. Choose one that accepts multiple heads, that way your algae brushing, vacuuming, and skimming aren’t a pain in the back.
  • Spare Filters – Nothing shuts down a summer pool party quite like a dirty pool. Make sure you have extra filters and supplies beforehand, that way a clogged-up pump doesn’t leave you with a panned party.

Making The Most Of It

  • Lounge In Style – Having a pool is great, but one of the benefits is lounging under the sun in the warm moist air rising from it, and perfect pool furniture is a swimming pool essential for maximum relaxation. The right pool-side furniture turns your pool area into a summer oasis. Consider a mix of lounging furniture and patio furniture like seats and tables that let guests relax with food and beverages.
  • Shade Cover – Don’t forget shade that can keep you and your guests cooler if you want to hide from the hot Las Vegas sun. Large umbrellas, pavilions, and built-in furnishings can give you a respite from the rays without forcing everyone inside.
  • Safe Pool Accessories – The right pool accessories are essential for swimming fun, especially for parents. Make sure there is access to age and swimming-experience-level appropriate toys and games. Pool noodles, diving rings, and underwater torpedoes all have their place as long as everyone can have fun with them safely.

Get Your Pool Ready For Action

Now is the time to make sure your pool has everything it needs for an entertaining summer of fun. Start by talking to one of our experts about safety equipment tailored to your pool area’s specific needs. Contact us today to set up an appointment to talk to one of our pool safety experts. They’ll be happy to look at your pool and pool area, and then talk to you about what you want from a safety system.

Modern Pool Safety Covers and Pool Safety Fences are designed to work with your pool and land to create a physical barrier between your pool’s water and a potential drowning victim. Whether you want a discrete system that leaves your pool area largely unchanged or you want a prominent display of your pool’s safety, we have a system to accommodate you. Pool safety starts with you, and it starts with a call to Aqua-Safe Unlimited to address your pool’s essentials for swimming safety today.

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