Pool Safety Equipment – Pool Covers, Pool Fences and Pool Nets


Pool Safety Equipment – Pool Covers, Pool Fences and Pool Nets

Pool safety is of paramount importance because it helps prevent drowning incidents, which are a leading cause of injury and death, particularly among children.

Installing a mesh pool fence, along with utilizing pool covers and pool nets, has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of drowning incidents in residential pools, a leading cause of injury and death among children, especially those aged 1-5. This underscores the importance of implementing layers of protection such as pool alarms, door alarms, and these physical barriers to ensure your family’s safety around the pool.

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Our removable pool safety fences, covers, and nets are customizable to your desired specifications and are available in various colors to seamlessly blend with your yard’s aesthetic. No matter the chosen option, we exclusively offer the safest removable mesh pool fence, covers, and nets on the market.

Our installation processes for pool fences, covers, and nets are quick and straightforward, often completed within a few hours. If you’re considering enhancing the safety of your swimming pool, contact us today to schedule your FREE estimate.

Drowning Risks in Las Vegas

Unsupervised Access

One of the significant dangers of swimming pools in Las Vegas is the risk of unsupervised access, particularly for young children. Whether it’s your own children, neighbor kids, or grandchildren, incidents can occur when children gain access to pools without proper supervision.

Accidents Happen

Accidents can happen swiftly and unexpectedly around swimming pools, especially when adults aren’t paying close attention. A moment of distraction can lead to tragic consequences, highlighting the critical importance of constant vigilance, especially when children are present.

Party Environments

Las Vegas is known for its vibrant party scene, and poolside gatherings are common. However, when adults are preoccupied with socializing or alcohol consumption, the risk of accidents, particularly involving children, can escalate.

Lack of Pool Safety Measures

In some cases, residential pools in Las Vegas may lack adequate safety measures such as pool fences, covers, or alarms, increasing the risk of accidents, particularly for young children who may not fully understand the dangers of water.

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