Pet Fence

Pet Fence

Pet Mesh Fencing in Las Vegas

When it comes to our furry friends, safety is paramount. While some dogs are excellent swimmers, not all of them are naturally equipped to stay afloat in water. This is especially important when you have a swimming pool. To safeguard your four-legged family members, Aqua-Safe Unlimited offers pet mesh fencing solutions.

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Not All Dogs Can Swim

Swimming pools, while a source of fun and relaxation for us, can pose significant risks to our four-legged friends. Not all dogs are natural swimmers, and even those who are may tire quickly or struggle to exit a pool. When you install a reliable pool fence or mesh barrier that will help to keep your dog away from the pool when not in use. By being proactive and ensuring pool safety for your dogs, you can enjoy your pool while keeping your furry companions safe.

Pet Resistant Mesh

Let us introduce you to this specialized reinforced pet mesh fence system, designed to withstand the activities of your beloved pets. Our pet fence features a 100% polyvinyl-coated polyester mesh with an 11×16 strand per square inch weave. This unique design reduces hole size and provides a strong deterrent against clawing and stretching. Known as ‘Pet Mesh,’ this transparent, UV-resistant, and wind-permeable solution guarantees exceptional durability and functionality.

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The Safest Pet Mesh On The Market

Our pet mesh fencing serves as a reliable barrier that surrounds your pool area, preventing accidental falls and ensuring your pets stay on the dry side. Our durable ‘Pet Mesh’ is thoughtfully designed to be an effective deterrent for pets who may be tempted to approach the pool’s edge.

With Aqua-Safe Unlimited’s pet mesh fencing, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your pool area is secure and your beloved dogs are protected from potential pool-related accidents.

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