Pool Covers

Pool Covers

Pool Covers in Las Vegas

With our Cover-Pools pool safety covers, you can help prevent drownings and near-drowning events. A state-of-the-art pool cover gives you an easy-to-use, easy-to-store way to put a physical barrier between your pool and your family, friends, and pets. We offer several different covers with the options you want to maintain a safe and beautiful pool area.

Automatic Pool Covers

Automatic pool covers take the labor out of covering and uncovering your pool. Pool safety covers only work when they’re in use, and the Save-T® 3 (big RED) motor is one of the strongest on the market, covering and uncovering your pool in a matter of minutes. The mechanism can be deck-mounted or recessed on some pool models to keep your pool area clear. Available with our standard Universal Track System or the low-profile Underside Track, you’re getting a safer pool that still looks great.

Manual Pool Covers

Manual pool safety covers can be cost-effective and efficient. Using our Universal Track System and your muscle power, in minutes your pool can be covered or uncovered. Uncovering your pool is accomplished by turning a hand-cranked winch or using an optional Power wheel™ with your arms and legs to roll up your cover, while covering the pool is accomplished by having two people pull the ropes attached to the leading edge of your cover.

Manual Swimming Pool Cover
Automatic Swimming Pool Cover

Premium Materials

50 years of research went into designing our exclusive Quad-Core fabric. Comprised of a polyester mesh and a high-performance vinyl-resin formula, it has the strength you need for maximum durability. To protect your cover, we use a vinyl laminate formula to provide even coverage that minimizes the risk of water exposure. The result is a strong pool cover that lasts.

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