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Pool Fence

Pool Fence By Aqua-Safe Unlimited

Aqua-Safe is your go-to destination for mesh pool fencing, offering a harmonious combination of safety and convenience. We prioritize your family’s security by providing mesh fencing that effectively prevents unsupervised pool access, offering you the invaluable gift of peace of mind.

Quality and durability are the hallmarks of Aqua-Safe mesh pool fencing. Our fencing solutions are built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Moreover, our mesh pool fencing is customized to fit your pool perfectly. With nearly 30 years of expertise in pool safety solutions, Aqua-Safe is your trusted choice for safety, convenience, and exceptional quality.

Why Install An Aqua-Safe Pool Fence?

If you have a swimming pool in Las Vegas, it’s crucial to prioritize safety for your family. At Aqua-Safe Unlimited, we understand the importance of implementing multiple layers of protection to ensure the well-being of your loved ones.

Installing a POOL FENCE  is one of the most effective steps you can take to create a safe and enjoyable backyard environment. While you can’t be watching the pool every second, a pool fence provides a reliable barrier to keep the pool off-limits when necessary. Our fences offer not only safety but also durability, crafted from some of the toughest materials available in the market.

Babyproof Your Swimming Pool

When it comes to safeguarding your family, installing a mesh pool fence is a proven way to reduce the risk of drowning incidents in residential pools. Drowning remains a significant cause of injury and death among children, particularly those aged 1-4. That’s why implementing multiple layers of protection, including pool alarms, door alarms, pool covers, and pool fences, is crucial for ensuring your family’s safety around the pool area.

Our pool fence installation process is hassle-free and efficient, often completed within just a few hours. If you’re ready to enhance the safety of your swimming pool, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule your FREE mesh pool fence estimate.

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Pool Fence Requirements in Nevada

According to The County of Nevada Swimming Pool Safety Barrier Requirements, pool barriers must be at least 60 inches in height above the ground. The gap between the ground and the bottom of the fence should not exceed 2 inches, and the openings in the fence should not allow the passage of a sphere equal to or greater than 4 inches in diameter. Additionally, the gate must be a minimum of 60 inches above the ground, open away from the pool, and feature a self-closing, self-latching mechanism, with the latch positioned at least 60 inches above the ground.

Color Choices

In Las Vegas, brown and tan are common backyard colors, so we offer mesh pool fencing in these shades to match. Our brown options blend well with the desert landscape, adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.

For a versatile choice, our black fencing complements various backyard styles and colors. Whether your backyard is modern or traditional, black fencing provides a sleek look that fits right in.

We also offer other lighter color options for those who want to keep things clean and simple. Don’t hesitate to ask about our color choices!

Customizable pool fence
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The Right Height For Your Pool

When it comes to height, taller fences are safer. While building codes usually require a minimum of 4 feet, we recommend going higher for added security. Our team can help you choose the right height for your needs.

At Aqua-Safe Unlimited, we’re all about giving you options that suit your Vegas backyard perfectly. Let us help you find the right pool fencing solution for safety and style.

Mesh Pool Fencing in Las Vegas

Aqua-Safe Unlimited is ready to help with any questions about pool fencing and installations in Las Vegas and other parts of Nevada. As local pool fence installers in Las Vegas, we’ve made homes safer for children by adding extra layers of protection around pools. Feel free to reach out for assistance!

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