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Pool safety nets are a reliable and effective means of protecting your loved ones and pets from potential pool hazards. Designed with durability and security in mind, these nets provide a robust barrier over the pool surface, preventing accidental falls while allowing rain and debris to pass through.

With pool safety nets in place, you can enjoy your pool area with peace of mind. These nets are a practical choice for families who prioritize safety without compromising on the aesthetics and functionality of their pool area.

    Safety Net For Swimming Pool

    The Safest Pool Safety Nets To Prevent Drowning

    Pool safety nets are an economical way to help prevent accidental drownings in your pool. Designed to keep your family, friends, and pets from falling in the pool, swimming pool safety nets provide a rip-resistant barrier that gives them a chance for help to arrive. Our nets are designed to stand up to everything the Nevada climate can throw at them, giving you a long service life and plenty of peace of mind.

    Protect Your Pool and Your Loved Ones

    Our pool safety nets are easy to use and effective. Our swimming pool safety nets use premium materials to create a solid mesh that is rip-resistant and durable. Nets are similar to our state-of-the-art pool covers, except they are lighter weight and are not designed to keep out small debris. When you’re finished swimming, just cover the pool with your net, and it will provide instant protection against accidental immersion and drowning.

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    More Pool Safety

    Aqua-Safe Unlimited provides a variety of pool safety equipment, in addition to mesh pool fencing. You can opt for manual or automatic pool covers, offering excellent secondary safety measures, or explore our flexible pool nets for added protection.

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    Pool Fences

    Removable and Permanent Mesh Pool Fences

    Pool Covers

    Automatic or Manual Pool Covers 

    What Clients Say About us

    Aqua-Safe Unlimited is Your Trusted Pool Safety Partner for Over 30 Years: Hear from Our Satisfied Customers

    Peace of mind pool safety
    “I was unable to find a trusted company who would install a fence around our pool since we live about 2 hours from Las Vegas. I found Aqua Safe from looking on Angie’s List and called Ron and had an awesome experience! He was not only responsive to my phone calls, but his price beat the other company whom I had talked to, and rather than waiting the 3 weeks that the other company needed he was able to install the fence in three days! I was more than thrilled! Now I can sleep at night without worrying my children will get in the pool without my permission and supervision.”
    Hollie A. – Santa Clara, UT
    “I decided to purchase a pool cover for my existing swimming pool, which contains 6 different curves. I received an automatic, custom-made, pool cover with a recessed motor box so that the entire unit is flush with the ground, while the flat tracks run next to the pool (on top of the pool deck). It looks really nice. Initially, I wanted a manual (hand-cranked) pool cover just to protect my two-year-old girl from potential accidents. Ron and I sat down, and he explained the additional benefits associated with the savings on pool chemicals, water (from evaporation), and, of course, keeping the dust and debris out of the pool during the high Las Vegas winds. I spoke to my wife about it and we decided that the convenience of an automatic (push-button) pool cover would increase all of the benefits because it would get used more often than a hand-cranked version. So we dipped into our savings a little bit in order to get the automatic version. Ron was very laid back, yet acted professionally at every stage. Essentially, he took care of everything for us. He and his crew showed up on time with a professional and courteous attitude. They all knocked out the job quickly; and then, they cleaned up beautifully. I’ve had the pool cover for a few weeks now with no buyer’s remorse at all. If I had it to do over again, I would do the same thing, with the same company. Excellent!”
    J. B. – Las Vegas, NV
    “My mom watches my daughter every day and she has a very large pool in her backyard. Ron installed a pool fence across the backyard with a marvelous locked gate to ensure my daughter does not have access to the pool. I called Ron, he went to my mom’s the very next day. The fence was completely installed within a matter of a couple of days. He is so professional and easy to work with. I was highly impressed with the quality of the fence and his work.”
    Nicole D. – Boulder City, NV
    “We have an irregularly shaped pool (non-rectangular) and needed to baby-proof quickly due to two active toddlers. We had a variety of companies come out and propose solutions which varied from manual pool covers to fencing. We in the end chose Aqua-safe to install fencing because they gave us sensible advice on the pros and the cons of the various options. Because Aqua-Safe sells covers and fencing, their advice had more credibility. They arrived punctually and installed the fencing in the time allotted. There were two guys who showed up to do the job, and both were very professional. These fences come in a variety of colors; when I didn’t like the way the top of the railings looked (they were in a different color than the post), they installed caps to match the tops to the posts and gave me extras in case I ever needed them. After the fence was installed, Aqua-Safe also talked us through the proper handling of the fence to extend its life. We had a question about a week later, and A-S came out free of charge to take a look at the fence and answer our question. We are in the process of moving to a new house and have asked Aqua-Safe to come out to the new place and advise us on our options, so obviously we would use them again in a heartbeat.”
    Tammy B. – Las Vegas, NV
    “The owner of the company came out the day after I called to give me a detailed estimate – they were very prompt in returning my phone calls and showed up a few minutes early for both estimate & installation appointments! I really appreciated that he listened to what we wanted & then provided some great recommendations that we ended up implementing, still within our desired configuration. He was also great with taking time to answer all our questions, had examples of the fencing on hand as well as pictures of previous work completed & some things they have fixed from other companies’ bad work (they were professional & of course did not mention names). While the price was just a little more than some of the other people we looked into, the quality of their fencing is equivalent to or higher than the others. With small children around a pool, we are not willing to sacrifice quality and safety for price. The company is family-owned & the owner’s nephews came the very next day to install the fence and provided us with a temporary gate (it just opened on a different side than what they said we should have based on how we would use the gate). They replaced it a week later since ours was on order and also helped me take the fence down the first time when I was having trouble with it by myself. Once we learned the ‘tricks’, it took me or my husband less than 5 minutes to take it apart or put it back together again.”
    Teri B. – Las Vegas, NV
    “Ron came to my house to give me a quote for the pool fence. He was very knowledgeable, professional and kind. He suggested the color for the fence/border/mesh and the proper placement. We went with the fence around the front of the pool and the sides going to the wall of our backyard so that it didn’t feel like the pool was in a cage. He left the written bid with me so that I could discuss it with my husband who was at work. I called Ron about 30 minutes after he left and told him we would like his company to install the fence. He sent a crew out the NEXT morning (today)! They came 45 minutes early at 7:45 am and had it fully installed by 11:00 am, less than 24 hours from getting the bid! It looks fabulous and doesn’t close off the backyard like how I anticipated it to look. I didn’t realize that the gate would come with a key lock, too. Very happy with that! Overall, I would definitely give this company an A. […] I have many many many friends who have used this company and they have all been very happy with Aqua-Safe so I would rather pay more and know I am going to get my money’s worth. I’ve experienced bad service/quality by going with the ‘cheapest’ bid in the past and didn’t want to go that route again. Great job, Aqua-Safe! I’ll definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is in the market for a pool fence.”
    Melody F. – Las Vegas, NV
    “This company is outstanding. Ron, the owner, came and gave me an estimate in a very timely manner. He made suggestions as to the placement of the pool fence and he gave me options. I couldn’t have been more impressed. Ron said that he could install it the following day and gave me time options. The installation crew arrived on time, did a superior job of installation, cleaned up, and provided instructions on the takedown and put up of the fence and cleaning and told me to call anytime with questions. I highly recommend this company.”
    Barbara S. – Henderson, NV
    “Based upon reports from Angie’s List as well as my own research, I’d decided to go with a pool fence. Aqua-Safe gave me an estimate, came back, and got the job done with no hassles whatsoever. I am very pleased with the quality of the fence, and their estimator made absolutely the right call when he suggested the pole/fabric/mesh color combination. It looks fantastic.”
    Blake G. – Las Vegas, NV

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