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Summer is right around the corner, and automatic pool cover maintenance should be at the top of your to-do list so your pool is always ready for fun in the sun. Swimming pool cover maintenance may not sound like the way you want to spend any of your summers, but with a little work, your pool experience can be more complete. These tips will help you focus on what’s important when keeping your cover ready to go.

Inspecting Your Cover

Your automatic pool cover maintenance starts with a thorough visual examination of your swimming pool cover. Vinyl can be damaged by UV rays from the harsh Nevada sun, large temperature variations, and debris. Over time, it can become brittle, potentially splitting or cracking.

Make sure to take note of any spots that appear to be wearing, rubbing, or scuffing, as this sort of damage could point to problems in storage or use that can damage or destroy your cover.

As part of your inspection, don’t forget to check the webbing that connects the vinyl cover to the track. It should be tight, free of visible tears or rips, and unfrayed. If the webbing becomes damaged, it could lead to the cover tearing loose, allow pool water to leak out onto the cover, or bind up during use.

If you notice a small tear during your automatic pool cover maintenance inspection, don’t worry. Small areas of damage can be fixed easily with a vinyl repair kit. Most kits let you simply clean the area, apply a liberal amount of rubber cement, then apply the vinyl patch, but read the directions carefully before beginning as some products may have different instructions. If the rip is large or the webbing is damaged, contact a qualified specialist for evaluation, repair, or replacement.

Check The Mechanism

Ensuring your mechanism and its housing are properly taken care of is an important part of swimming pool cover maintenance, whether you have an automatic or manual pool cover. When performing automatic pool cover maintenance on or around your cover’s motor, disconnect the power from your system to ensure there are no accidental injuries if someone else turns on the motor while your hands or other body parts are near any moving parts. Either unplug the motor or turn it off at your breaker box.

Remove any accumulated debris from the housing. Leaves, sticks, rocks, and other objects can cause damage to the system. Make sure any drain holes on the housing are unobstructed so that any water can easily drain away. In Las Vegas, sand and dust storms can present a challenge, as the grit, if left unchecked, can get into your motor or winch gears and cause damage, so make sure all areas that you can reach are clear and clean. If necessary, applying a little marine spray lubricant during your automatic pool cover maintenance can help keep everything moving freely and provides a protective layer to help stop infiltration.

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Stay On Track

Rinse off the tracks of your pool cover regularly. Every couple months, you will want to inspect them for damage and debris, as bent or damaged tracks and small pebbles can cause your pool cover to bind up during operation. You also need to make sure the tracks are remaining fixed in position by tightening the screws that anchor the tracks to your deck. If you consistently notice the same screw loosening, you may need to remove that screw and apply some filler before replacing the screw.

Let It Breathe

As the Las Vegas summer heat approaches, people tend to spend more and more time in their pools, necessitating an increased frequency of automatic pool cover maintenance. With this increased usage, comes an increased need for water monitoring and chemical intervention, leading to more shocking and balancing of the water. When you shock your pool or add chemicals, try to leave your cover open for at least 2 hours. Gasses can build up under a pool cover, which can contribute to premature weathering and brittleness.

Keep It Clean

Your cover should be easily cleaned as part of your automatic pool cover maintenance. A pool cover pump, brush, and diluted cleaning solution used regularly helps remove dirt and conditions your cover for a longer life. Work in five-foot sections, breaking it up into manageable areas that you can drain before the cleaning water has a chance to evaporate and leave a residue. While this can be time-consuming if it’s your first cleaning after the winter months, once done initially, keeping up with your cleaning schedule takes far less time.

Use Your Pool!

Our favorite tip on keeping your swimming pool cover maintenance up over the hot, dry summer is for you to get out there and use your pool. The more you’re out there, the more likely it is that you will spot an issue before it becomes a problem.

Increased use also helps everyone get more familiar with your safety pool cover, how it works, and how it can help keep them safer from accidental drownings and near-drowning events. You can even get the family involved in some parts of your automatic pool cover maintenance, as several tasks can be performed by older children with proper supervision.

Call In The Pros

If you notice damage or have questions about taking care of your cover, don’t be afraid to call in a specialist. We have almost 30 years of experience with safety pool covers in the greater Las Vegas area. If you need help, fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call at (702) 254-8450. Automatic pool cover maintenance helps you maintain a safer pool, and we want you to have all the information you need to get the job done right. Contact Aqua-Safe Unlimited for your safety fence and pool cover needs today.

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